Moving to Texas: Car Edition

Howdy y’all – Bienvenidos a Texas!

Since you’re moving to Texas and new here, we thought we would offer some help in getting you set up to drive around in that vehicle you brought with you.

First things, first: you need a new auto insurance policy.  That’s right, you’ll need to replace the policy you had prior to moving to Texas with one that meets Texas’ minimum limits of liability.  Contact a local independent insurance agent to review your options and advice on how to get properly protected.

Tips on searching for a insurance agent:

    • Google: “independent auto insurance agent near me”
    • Skip all the google paid ads at the top of the page
    • Look for a, local, highly-rated insurance agent that specializes in auto and home insurance who represents top-rated carriers
    • Read the agency’s reviews and responses from the agency
    • Poke around their website, call and ask questions to make sure they fit what you’re looking for in trusted advisor
    • When you’re comfortable, request a quote.

Next, you need to have your out-of-state vehicle inspected to make sure it’s safe to drive.  You can visit any Official Inspection Station to get your vehicle inspected. Here’s where to find them.

Bring proof of your new Texas insurance policy and $7 to pay the annual inspection fee.  Pass or fail, you’ll need to pay the fee.  You can review the inspection criteria here.

Last, you’ll need to mosey on down to your local County Tax Assessor/Collector’s office with a copy of your insurance ID card, your PASSED Vehicle Inspection Report and proof of vehicle ownership (previous state’s inspection or title) and your state-issued ID and registration fee (varies).  You can locate your nearest tax assessor’s office here

You have to fill out the Application for Texas Title/Registration even if you’re keeping your previous state’s title.  Here’s the link to the form, for your convenience.

You should complete these next steps within 30 days of making Texas your new home

Hope this makes the process just a little easier for you.

We’re happy to have you!  Thanks for helping to make Texas roads safe.

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