Essential items every homeowner needs

You just bought a home – CONGRATS!  Here’s a list of 5 essential items every new homeowner should have:

  • Fire Extinguisher (& an escape plan)

Make sure you have a working fire extinguisher in the house that is accessible, ready and available in the event of small fire.  Everyone in the house should know how to use the extinguisher and how to escape safely in the event of fire.  Remember in school when you practiced fire drills?  Do that at home too!

  • Smoke Detector

Make sure that your new home came with functioning smoke detectors in every room of the house and a carbon monoxide detector where you have gas appliances, a fire place or furnace.

  • Essential Tools

As soon as you are able, get to your favorite home supply store and pick up these tools you’ll likely need at some point:

  • Hammer & nails
  • Drill & drills bits, screwdriver (flat, Philips and star heads)
  • Pillars
  • Flashlights
  • Water Key


  • Batteries

You’ll likely need batteries of all sizes: “C” or “D” for flashlights, “AA” and “AAA” for remotes and toys and “9V” for those smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Child Proofing

If you’ve got little ones in the house, you should make sure to lock up those cabinets they can reach.  Especially, if you’ve got chemicals or dangerous tools/utensils stored there.


It’s a good idea to document your home’s content just in case you need to file a claim for a large loss like a fire.  Take your camera phone & walk through the house, pointing out high dollars and maybe where you got it.  Keep the video and any receipts in the cloud.  For high dollar items, talk to your insurance agent to make sure you’ve got proper protection.


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