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As part of the Leal Insurance Services Core Values, we feel it is important to help educate our clients and community on diverse topics. The following blog post was written by a local, San Antonio professional that is an expert in their field. If you have questions on the topic, their contact information is below, or please reach out to Leal Insurance Services and we can help get you connected. Leal Insurance Services Core Values: Listen and Evaluate, Educate, Advocate, Local.

Getting engaged? Already popped the question? Pulling your hair out trying to figure out where to start planning this adventure called a wedding? 

Weddings and events in general are not easy to plan, if they were, everybody would be doing it.  We all specialize in the things we do in life.  Some specialize in surgery, some in taxes…but we do it with events and weddings.

You’ve come to the realization that planning a wedding isn’t as easy or smooth as you hoped or were told.  It’s normal and it’s true.  You can’t believe everything you see in the movies, heck, even they had months to make it look easy.  Planning an event as intimate and emotional. A wedding can bring stress, havoc and the worse out in people.  You can’t hold a lot of weight to the people that have told you planning their wedding was easy and fun…because it’s the other brides who went through it that don’t want you to know how challenging it was for them.  This could be out of fear, reliving the experience or simply the embarrassment they went through.  No one wants to tell you about the negative experience they lived, so they don’t mention it.  On the flip side, some brides went through so much that the wedding day bliss completely overcame the hurdles to get there and it was worth every moment. 

What you may not know is that hiring a Wedding Planner could be your best investment in saving your budget and your relationships.  A wedding planner can take the stress off your plate. Does it mean stress doesn’t exist?  No.  Does it mean it’s going to be cheaper?  No.  Does it mean it’s going to be fun?  Possibly.  A wedding planner should be able to reduce stress, havoc and the duties you and your wedding party have to deal with.  A wedding planner is an investment, just like a doctor or lawyer. The preventative side of things is hiring a wedding planner BEFORE you run in to challenges…think of it as insurance when you start planning your special day. You don’t think you need us, but when you need us, we can be there for you for a cost. 

When hiring a wedding planner, be sure to follow these steps to ensure a quality, safe wedding and to keep things on track:

  • Hire a certified, experienced & legitimate planner.
  • When finding or referred to a wedding planner from your network, first and foremost, make sure the planner is certified or experienced for at least 10 years or 100 weddings, this helps to know they’ve been through the obstacles and challenges from various weddings in the past and could accomplish handling any “fires” that may be lit throughout the process. Planners that are certified have gone through classes, community service, supervision, proven testimonials & must prove they’ve done weddings and events of that level before they’re able to take the tests.  In some special cases, most venues won’t allow any wedding planner that is not certified on to their property and you don’t want to end up in that position. 
  • Ask the planner difficult questions.
  • A wedding planner that can’t answer difficult questions is one you should steer from.  Ask the planner about their worst of days.  Even the best planners have bad days, bad clients, bad vendors, bad anything.  It should not happen often (in fact very rarely), but the planners with the most experience will have some horror stories and the ways they overcame them. It’s best to know how the planner dealt with the situation, because it could happen to you.
  • Understand the vendors your planner works with.
  • Get to know their vendors when you start to meet them because you want to know their resources.  If they use the same vendors for most of their weddings, run!  This means you’ve lost the customization of your own day and your wedding is no more special than the other couples before you.  Having multiple vendors in different geographical areas means they can customize and fit your needs, if needed.  This helps keeps competitive edge and it also means they understand that not every vendor can fulfill every request.
  • Your wedding planner is an investment.
  • When hiring your wedding planner, remember it’s an investment.  A wedding planner is here to help and keep you on track.  They’re not going to tell you what you want to hear, they’re going to tell you what you need to hear.  We’re not here to be your slave, but we will bring you the moon as long as your budget accommodates it.  When you invest in us, you invest in keeping your stress to a minimum.  Does it mean it’s going to be 0% stress?  No.  Your investment could be for many reasons; time, money, stress or whatever you feel is worth it.  A wedding planner can be hired by the hour, by the week or by the month(packages).  Whatever your reason for hiring a wedding planner, it should feel it was worth the investment, whether it’s many things or one big thing they saved for you. 
  • Hiring a planner doesn’t mean discounts flow.
  • A wedding planner may not get you discounts on everything and most times, don’t expect it.  Most clients don’t hire us for the discounts, they hire us for savings in other ways.  Yes we do get discounts you will not get, but depending on your wedding day, time, budget, needs, wants, etc…there may be no discounts.  Usually a wedding planner can save what they’ve charged, but that doesn’t mean the wedding cost is less. Remember, a planner is an investment, not a ticket to cheap deals.

Gregorio (Greg) Palomino is a Certified Wedding Planner and holds various other event and wedding certifications.  He is the Owner of CRE8AD8 Event & Travel Management based out of San Antonio, Texas established in 2007 after a lengthy career within Victoria’s Secret, FedEx and UPS.  CRE8AD8 has since grown to 19 locations around the globe.  Their team has been part of NASCAR, NFL, Fortune 50 corporate events and some of the most notable celebrity and high profile weddings & events in the world.  CRE8AD8 plans on average about 110 weddings & 300 corporate events globally every year.  Greg loves to travel and plans many destination events around the globe.  Greg is married with 3 boys and loves to play golf, adventure sports & fly various aircraft.

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